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Key Contacts

Reference Questions and Research Help
Call us at: 718-862-7161 or 718-862-7743
Text us at: 718-578-4975 
Ask Us! a question online or by chat

Circulation, Overdue Books, and General Library Issues

Interlibrary Loan

Archives and Special Collections


William H. Walters, PhD, FCLIP
Executive Director, 718-862-7167, OMAL 404A

Francine Flood 
Office Manager, 718-862-7166, OMAL 404

Access Services

Amy Handfield, MLIS, MFA
Assistant Director for Access Services
Assistant Librarian II, 718-862-7747, OMAL 5L

Valerie Jimenez
Access Services Manager, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Brandon Sanchez
Library Assistant, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Dennis Breen
​Library Assistant, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Diane Corcurullo
​Library Assistant, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Rose Gray
​Library Assistant, 718-862-7711, OMAL 5FL

Deborah Green
Library Assistant, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Kevin Nipal
Library Assistant, 718-862-7743, OMAL 5FL

Thomas Reilly
Library Assistant, 718-862-7740, OMAL 1FL

Maria Rodriguez, MS
Library Assistant, 718-862-7740, OMAL 1F.

Archives and Special Collections

Amy Surak, MA
Director of Archives and Special Collections, 718-862-7139, OMAL 200B

Key Contacts for Faculty

Instructional Design

Kimberly Jones Woodruff, MEd
Director of Instructional Design, 718-862-7998, OMAL 411

Blair Goodlin, Jr., PhD
Instructional Designer, 718-862-7612, OMAL 412

Research and Instruction

Sarah E. Sheehan, MSLS, MEd, AHIP
​Assistant Director for Reference and Instruction, 718-862-7982, OMAL 510

John C. Gormley, MLS, MBA
Assistant Librarian II, 718-862-7295, OMAL 301

Bernadette Lopez-Fitzsimmons, MLS, MA, MA
Associate Librarian, 718-862-7981, OMAL 418

Laurin Paradise, MLIS
Reference & Instruction Librarian, 718-862-7739, OMAL 306

Stacy Pober, MLS, MBA
Associate Librarian, 718-862-7980

Technical Services

Susanne Markgren, MLIS, MFA
Assistant Director for Technical Services, 718-862-7997, OMAL 308

Brendon Ford
Interlibrary Loan Manager and Systems Specialist, 718-862-7453, OMAL 307

Gina Herlihy
Library Technical Assistant, 718-862-7722, OMAL 303

Olga Manthos
Library Technical Assistant, 718-862-7722, OMAL 303

Mary Ellen Skehill
Library Technical Assistant, 718-862-7722, OMAL 303

Margaret Walsh
Library Technical Assistant, 718-862-7738, OMAL 305

Helen White, MLS
Library Technical Assistant, 718-862-7923, OMAL 303