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Cultural Anthropology

Research Guide for Cultural Anthropology

APA Online

APA Basics

Examples of the most commonly used APA citation styles--books and journals.

A diagram of how to do a book citation in APA. It starts with the author name, last name first then initial. The year goes next in parenthesis concluded with a period. Next is the title in italics, with only a capital letter at the beginning, and a period at the end. Next is the place of publication followed by a colon, and then the Publisher followed by a period.


A diagram of how to do a citation for a journal article in APA, starting with the Author last name first, the year in parenthesis, separated from the article title by a period. The article title is in plain case, and only has capitalization at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. It ends with a period. The title of the journal is next in italics, followed by a comma then the volume number in italics, followed by a normal font issue number in parenthesis, then the page numbers followed by a period. The citation concludes with the doi


ASA Online

ASA Basics

Examples of the most frequently used kinds of bibliographic citations in ASA: Books and Journal Articles. For other kinds of papers, electronic sources, or chapters within books, please see the ASA style guide referred to elsewhere on this page. 

an example of a book citation in ASA

an example of an article citation in ASA


Reference Managers

Both of these reference managers are free, and both support ASA style.

  • Mendeley
    A free reference manager and academic social network. Users can automatically generate bliographies, collaborate with other researchers online, import papers from other research software, find relevant papers, access papers from anywhere online, and read papers on the go with iPhone app.
  • Zotero
    Zotero is a free, open source utility that works in your browser to help users collect, manage and cite sources. It was developed at George Mason University. Highly recommended.

Citation Generators

None of the free citation generators have ASA style, but you can use APA style and make the necessary changes.

  • BibMe
    BibMe is a free citation generator developed at Carnegie Mellon University that produces citations and bibliographies in APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian styles. It has some features not found in other free citation generators, such as autofill and the ability to switch between citation styles.
  • Citation Machine
  • KnightCite
    KnightCite is a free site that automatically produce MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations for 25 types of sources.
    From the Hekman Library at Calvin College.