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Resources for research in Biology.

APA Basics

Examples of the most commonly used APA citation styles--books and journals.

A diagram of how to do a book citation in APA. It starts with the author name, last name first then initial. The year goes next in parenthesis concluded with a period. Next is the title in italics, with only a capital letter at the beginning, and a period at the end. Next is the place of publication followed by a colon, and then the Publisher followed by a period.


A diagram of how to do a citation for a journal article in APA, starting with the Author last name first, the year in parenthesis, separated from the article title by a period. The article title is in plain case, and only has capitalization at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns. It ends with a period. The title of the journal is next in italics, followed by a comma then the volume number in italics, followed by a normal font issue number in parenthesis, then the page numbers followed by a period. The citation concludes with the doi


APA Online

CSE Online

CSE Basics

Examples of the most frequently used kinds of bibliographic citations in CSE: Books and Journal Articles. For other kinds of papers, electronic sources, or chapters within books, please see the CSE style guide referred to elsewhere on this page. 

An example of a CSE Book citation


an example of a CSE book article citation