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This guide will direct you to education sources provided by the O'Malley Library

Finding Tests & Instruments

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY)is a database of test reviews and evaluations.

  • It does not contain actual tests or instruments.
  • All tests reviewed in MMY are commercially available for purchase from the publisher,

Test Cabinet

  • The Test Cabinet is located behind the Circulation Desk on the 5th floor at the entrance to the O'Malley Library
  • The Test Cabinet is a collection of donated tests and instruments from the Counseling & Therapy department. 
  • The Test Cabinet's instruments and tests have descriptions published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook (database).
  1. The instruments are in paper/print format. 
  2. They are organized in alphabetical order. 
  3. Users must physically go through the folders in the Test Cabinet. 
  4. There are no electronic versions of the tests and instruments.
  5. Students can photocopy, scan, and print a copy of the test or instrument.
  6. There are no local records in the WMS system at the present time.