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Core Resources in Biochemistry

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Finding Books in JASPERCat

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Finding Books - Biochemistry

QD1-999        Chemistry
QD1-65          General chemistry
QD71-142      Analytical chemistry
QD146-197    Inorganic chemistry
QD241-441    Organic chemistry
QD415-436    Biochemistry
QD450-801    Physical and theoretical chemistry
QD625-655    Radiation chemistry
QD701-731    Photochemistry
QD901-999    Crystallography
QK1-989            Botany
QK1-474.5         General
QK474.8-495     Spermatophyta. Phanerogams
QK494-494.5     Gymnosperms
QK495                Angiosperms
QK504-638        Cryptogams
QK640-707        Plant anatomy
QK710-899        Plant physiology
QK900-989        Plant ecology
Natural History - Biology
QH1-278.5        Natural history (General)
QH1-199.5        General
QH201-278.5    Microscopy
QH301-705.5    Biology (General)
QH359-425       Evolution
QH426-470       Genetics
QH471-489       Reproduction
QH501-531       Life
QH540-549.5    Ecology
QH573-671       Cytology
QH705-705.5    Economic biology
QR1-502          Microbiology
QR1-74.5         General microbiology
QR75-99.5       Bacteria
QR99.6-99.8    Cyanobacteria
QR100-130      Microbial ecology
QR171             Microorganisms in the animal body
QR180-189.5   Immunology
QR355-502      Virology