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Research Guide for History

Finding Books in O'Malley Library

Searching Tips:

  • If you want to search by author, title, subject, etc., you can choose one of those options from the drop-down menu on the above left.
  • Entering two or more keywords will increase the specificity of your results.
  • If your search retrieves too few or no results, try using synonyms and different combinations of keywords.
  • To search for a phrase, use quotation marks

Where to Find the Books

The below is only some of the history subjects covered by books in the O'Malley Library. The books with these call numbers will usually be on the 4th floor. 

C - Science of History
CB - History of Civilization
CC - Archeology
CS - Genealogy
CT - Biography
D - History (General)
DA - DR - History of Europe

DA - History of Great Britain
DC - History of France
DD - History of Germany
DE - History of Greco-Roman World
DF - History of Greece
DG - History of Italy
DK - History of Russia
DP - History of Spain & Portugal
DS1-10 - History of Asia (General)
DS11 - History of Asia (Antiquities)
DS35.3-35.77 - History of the Islamic World
DS36-39.2 - History of Arab Countries
DS67-79.9 - History of Iraq
DS101-151 - History of Israel (Palestine)
DS201-248 -  History of Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia
DS251-326 - History of Iran (Persia)
DS350-375 - History of Afghanistan
DS376-392.2 - History of Pakistan
DS401-468.8 - History of India
DS520-560.72 - History of Southeast Asia
DS701-799.9 - History of China
DS801-897 - History of Japan
DS901-937 - History of Korea
DT1-3415 - History of Africa
DT43-154 - History of Egypt
DT160-177 - History of North Africa
DT181-346 - History of Barbary States 
DT348-363.3 - History of Central Sub-Saharan Africa
DT365-469 - History of Eastern Africa 
DT470-671 - History of West Africa
DT1001-1190 - History of Southern Africa
DT1701-2405 - History of South Africa
DU - History of Oceania (South Seas)
DU80-398 - History of Australia
DU400-430 - History of New Zealand
DU530-950 - History of Smaller Island Groups
​DX101-301 - History of Romanies
E11-143 - History of American Continents
E151-889 - History of United States

E186-199 - Colonial History, (1607-1775)
E201-298 - The Revolution, (1775-1783) 
E300-453 - Revolution to the Civil War, (1775/1783-1861) 
E456-655 - Civil War Period, (1861-1865)
E660-738 - Late 19th Century, (1865-1900)
E740-837.7 - 20th Century, (1900-1961)
E838-889 - Later 20th Century, (1961-2000)
E895-904 - 21st Century (2001 -)
F1-975  - United States Local History
F116-130 - New York Local History
F1001-1145.2 - History of Canada (British)
F1201-3799 - History of Latin America (Spanish America)
F1201-1392 - History of Mexico
F1401-1569 - History of Central America or
Central American Countries

F1601-2191 - History of West Indies and Caribbean Islands
F2201-3799 - History of South America or 
South American Countries