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Research Guide for DAsH (or digital humanities) resources and tools


Digital humanities projects can take many forms, from a large interactive online archive, to digital annotations or exhibitions, to journal articles reporting the results of applying an algorithm or other analysis technique to humanistic studies. 

A large international collection can be found on the Around the DH in 80 Days website

Below are just some examples of the kinds of digital humanities projects that can be done. This section of the site will attempt to be kept up to date but you may notice that some of these links go down. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you work on your project, what are your plans to keep it hosted and afloat past your exam times? Are you sure that your data will still be usable if you try to revisit your project in a few years, or even a semesters' time?

Digital Exhibits or Thematic Research Collections

Mapping Projects

Text Analysis

Network Analysis