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Know Your Library: Giving

Gifts and Donations

The Library will be glad to accept donations of 30 or fewer books that are in very good to excellent condition and that are relevant to the current curriculum. We are not accepting donations of journal/magazine issues or other media. Donated books are accepted with the understanding that all ownership rights held by the donor are transferred to the Library, and that the Library may dispose of items in any way -- by adding them to the library collection, giving them to other libraries, selling them, or discarding them, among other things. Please contact Susanne Markgren, Director of Technical Services, at, or 718-862-7997. Read full policy here.

As the gift recipient, we cannot provide an appraisal of value for any items donated to the Library. However, our standard practice is to send a letter of thanks that describes the donated items and indicates the market price of each item as found on Amazon Marketplace, Abebooks, or Alibris. Some donors find that information helpful for tax purposes. This policy applies to gifts (donations) of books intended for the main library collection rather than the Archives. If you have materials that may be appropriate for the Archives, please contact Amy Surak, Director of Archives and Special Collections, at, or 718-862-7139.

For cash donations and funding opportunities, please contact William Walters, Executive Director of the Library, at, or 718-862-7167.