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Know Your Library: Access

Building Access

The library building is open to:

Individuals in some of these groups must register and receive advance permission to visit the Library.  Please click on the appropriate category for further information. 

If you would like Library visitor access but are not in any of the eight categories shown here, please fill out this form.

During the last week of classes and the week of final exams, the library building is open only to current Manhattan College students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Unaccompanied minors are not allowed in the Library.

Individuals may be required to leave the building if their presence is considered detrimental to the operation of the Library. 

Please see the library's noise level chart to see which floor is suited to how how you want to use the library. 

Access to Online Resources, Computers, and Printers

Off-campus access to the Library’s online resources is available only to current Manhattan College students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

On-site visitors who would like to use online resources, computers, or printers may request a guest login at the Circulation Desk.

Filming in the Library

Requests to film in the library from commercial groups outside of Manhattan College require approval from the Marketing and Communications Office.

Requests from students to film in the library for personal or academic projects must ask permission at the Circulation Desk on the 5th floor.

Read the full policy Here.