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What is Zotero?

Zotero is a program that is installed on computers in the library, and is available for free to download. It makes adding citations and reference lists to your papers significantly easier. When you add in the browser plug-in to whatever browser that you are using to research it makes getting all the citation information about the book, article, web-page or even movie you want to use in your paper as easy as a few clicks. You can then access that collection of sources you've created for your paper from your account on the Zotero website from anywhere, or when you sign into a Zotero program on any of the library computers, and it will automatically sync as you add new sources. You can get Zotero for your laptop at their site. 

What does Zotero do?

A helpful video created by the Idaho State University Library that gives a quick overview of how you can use Zotero in the researching and writing process

Zotero Presentation

It is STRONGLY recommended that you view this slideshow in full screen