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AI and ChatGPT Usage

According to the Manhattan College Community Standards and Student Code of Conduct, the unacknowledged use of AI within academic work can fall under the definition of plagiarism and cheating. The section of the Code on Academic Integrity Violations includes this text:

Cheating: Cheating is the use of or attempted use of inappropriate, unauthorized or prohibited materials, information, sources, study aids, devices, or assistance of others (including AI engines) in any academic exercise or examination in an effort to misrepresent mastery of material.

Plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs when a person represents work (e.g. words, ideas, phrases, sentences, data, etc.) which is not their own as their own work without acknowledgement or credit. This includes work generated by AI engines.

If you want to know if acknowledged or cited AI use is allowed for a course, or if your professor has guidelines into how it can be used within a class, please ask your professors for each course for guidance. The rules will vary from one course to another.