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Citation Basics

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MLA Basics

Examples of the most commonly used MLA citation styles--books and journals.


Diagram of how to do an MLA citation for a book. It begins with the author name, last name first, and a full first name. Then a period. Then the title in title case in italics ending with a period. Then the publisher, and a comma and then the year.


 A diagram of how to do journal article citations in MLA. It begins with the author, last name first and then first, followed by a period. Then the title of the article in quotes with the punctuation inside the quotes.  Then the journal title in italics, followed by a comma, then the volume number and issue number, the volume number starting with vol. the issue number starting with no. They are separated from each other by a comma, then the year, then a comma, then the page numbers, with pp. in front. The citation ends with a period.