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Counseling and Therapy


Background Information

Finding Books in O'Malley Library

Searching Tips:

  • If you want to search by author, title, subject, etc., you can choose one of those options from the drop-down menu on the above left.
  • Entering two or more keywords will increase the specificity of your results.
  • If your search retrieves too few or no results, try using synonyms and different combinations of keywords.
  • To search for a phrase, use quotation marks

Where to Find the Books

Call numbers for print books about education start with the letter "L".  They are on the third floor.

  • L     Education
  • LA   History of Education
  • LB   Theory and Practice of Education
  • LC   Special Aspects of Education
  • LD   Individual Instititutions - United States
  • LE    Individual Instititutions - Americas
  • LF    Individual Instititutions - Europe
  • LG    Individual Instititutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • LH    College and School Magazines and Papers
  • LJ      Student Fraternities and Societies
  • LT     Textbooks