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Camino Program: Welcome to the library resource for professional career information: Welcome!

This guide contains online resources which will help non-native English speakers acquire language skills necessary for educational and professional success.

Welcome to the O'Malley Library!


This guide has been specifically created to assist English Language Learners (ELLs) in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Manhattan College. As a member of the Manhattan College Community you are considered a Jasper.

Jaspers are welcomed to use all the resources of the O'Malley Library.  There is a variety of resources in print and electronic formats: books, ebooks, DVDs, Streamed Videos, and other electronic resources such as scholarly, research journals, professions/trade journals, magazines, newspapers, reports, book reviews, software reviews, etc. 

With your Jasper I.D. card you are entitled:

  • Borrow books (print) and DVDs
  • Log on to computers to on campus
  • Access full-text electronic documents
  • View streamed videos
  • Print, scan, & fax documents
  • Use library services
  • Find a comfortable area in the library to study, engage in group work, or read

The library has many databases which provide access to full-text documents.  Many of these databases have audio so you can listen to the text being read aloud to you in English.  In fact, a few databases offer an audio selection of different English varieties spoken throughout the world.  You might find a variety of English spoken in your area of the world. Listening to English while reading ebooks and e-articles will help you further develop listening skills as well as reading skills in English.

If you have questions about resources and/or services, please feel free to ask for assistance such as


  • Borrow library materials at the Circulation Desk (first desk entering the library).
  • Ask for research assistance at the Reference Desk during scheduled hours. 
  • Use ASK A LIBRARIAN web form to submit a question about your research; a librarian will respond to your question during the next available reference shift. 
  • Visit WALDO Libraries in the New York Metropolitan Area.
  • Take advantage of the METRO Referral Card to visit other academic, research, and public libraries in the New York Metro Area.

We look forward to seeing  you in the library.  We hope you have a wonderful experience in the Manhattan College IELP program, enjoy learning English, and visit the cultural and historical sites in New York City.

Have a great time exploring and learning!

How do I get a Jasper I.D. Card?

To get a Jasper I.D. card, go to the I.D. Card Office in Thomas Hall, 1st. floor (outside of Café 1853).

For more information about the Jasper I.D. Card, please

  • Visit the I.D. Card Office, Thomas Hall, 1st floor: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 p.m.
  • Call (718) 862 - 8326
  • Peruse the Jasper I.D. Q&A.

To verify your Jasper I.D. barcode has been authenticated for library privileges, please visit the Circulation Desk (5th floor, entrance level), O'Malley Library.

Where can I use the Jasper I.D. card?

The Jasper I.D. Card serves as your

  • Jasper I.D. Card
  • Library Card for borrowing books, DVDs, course reserve materials, and other materials.
  • Access card to residence halls, the library and other campus buildings
  • Meal Payment Card
  • 10% discount at local vendors and food providers
  • Debit Card accepted at the bookstore and campus dining facilities, certain vending machines and  various local merchants.

For more information about the Jasper I.D. Card, please

  • Visit the I.D. Card Office, Thomas Hall, 1st floor: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 p.m.
  • Call (718) 862-8326
  • Peruse the Jasper I.D. Q&A.

What about problems with technology?

For issues concerning technological issues, network issues, Jaspernet Log On malfunctions, etc., visit Client Services in the O'Malley Library, 5th floor. 

There is a Student IT Worker available throughout the day to facilitate resolving technological issues. 


  • To report a technological issue in the library, email:
  • Call Client Services ITS Help Desk:  718 862-7973

For more information on Client Services, please visit:  CLIENT SERVICES & SUPPORT


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If you need a book or article from another library, we can request it for you via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Image result for interlibrary loan

  • ILL Form:  Books -- allow 10-14 business days (holidays not included and vary from one organization to another)
  • Ill Form:   Articles  -- allow two to three business days; articles sent directly to your email