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Camino Program: Welcome to the library resource for professional career information: Grammar & Writing

This guide contains online resources which will help non-native English speakers acquire language skills necessary for educational and professional success.

English Language Learner (ELL): Online Practice in Grammar & Writing

Hello again!

The following web sites provides additional practice in grammar & writing. 

Some activities are interactive and provide immediate feedback to help you monitor your own progress as you acquire the English Language with more fluidity.

  • Oxford Practice Grammar:  Grammar practice incorporating the four language learning skills--reading, writing, listening & speaking
  • Daily Grammar:  Grammar activities for all ages & learning levels.  A fun, convenient way to learn & reinforce grammar!

Four Language Learning Skills: Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

Improving all four language learning skills -- reading, writing, listening & speaking -- will help you acquire the English language with more ease. 

  • As you become more comfortable with these skills you will develop more confidence in your abilities to use English in different situations. 
  • Take your time, vary your activities, and remember to take breaks!  Aboveall, have fun!  Learning  a language should always be enjoyable!
  • Remember to allow time to use your home language periodically.  You will feel renergized afterwards!


The following web sites provide activities in using the four language learning skills: reading, writing, listening & speaking:

  • Easy World English: Grammar, reading, and pronunciation practice with a picture dictionary
  • English Central:   Listening & pronunciation practice to increase vocabulary while viewing interesting videos
  •  A guide to grammar, listening, & vocabulary exercises around the Internet
  • Everyday Life from GCF:  Interactive lessons allowing students to experience everyday challenges & gain practical use of English
  • EnglishClub:  Vocabulary, grammar, idioms, pronunciation, listening, & reading
  • EnglishPage:  Vocabulary, grammar, listening, & reading exercises with tutorials 
  • Free English Study:  Listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, & vocabulary exercises
  •  Reading, writing, & vocabulary practice, as well as math, science, & finance practice