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This guide contains online resources which will help non-native English speakers acquire language skills necessary for educational and professional success.

Conference Presentation

This presentation focuses on integrating multicultural elements from TESOL in Information and Media Literacy classes in public and academic libraries to accommodate the diverse needs of non-native speakers of English. Using content-based instruction and active learning strategies in Information and Media Literacy Lessons these learners can acquire multiple literacy skills as well as expand their acquisition of English.

  • Details about multicultural competency skills training to staff will be provided. Photos of successful multicultural designated areas will be discussed as well as tweaking a few common mistakes that could be perceived as pejorative.
  • Creating scaffolded exercises, designing leveled and differentiated materials, and having field trips to museums, as well as research and public libraries are stimulating and engaging activities for all types of learners.
  • Learning to simply instructions without using too many function words will facilitate learning for English Language Learners (ELLs) and others.
  • Making gradual changes and adapting multicultural elements will decrease the Affective Filter so that non-native speakers of English can acquire Information and Media Literacy Skills while using the English language and learning about American culture.
  • For pdfs of handouts from this presentation, please visit the Georgia Southern Digital Commons at this address:

                     Our library can help you!  Using multicultural elements in TESOL for non-native speakers of English 

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Invited Talk: